Republican Congress Passes, Obama Signs Bill to Make Free Speech a Felony: Video


Another day, another American freedom lost

It’s an everyday happening: the feds have sold out the American people again. This time, President Obama signs HR 437 making it a felony to protest. Your free speech rights will now be determined by the Secret Service. Sweet! House Republicans enthusiastically supported this bill too! Read ‘em and weep. Video.


Oh no! Not another law stripping MORE basic rights from Americans! Sad but true: President Obama recently signed a bill passed by the Republican House that makes it a felony to protest.

Trying to find something on this bill on the Internet is next to impossible.

“America’s free press” is a sad inside media joke. So is the belief that the GOP will save you from tyranny.

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Yes kiddies: it’s another day, another basic American freedom gone.

But most of America will turn up their iPods, call someone they don’t care about on their cell phones: bury their heads a little deeper.

They’ll utter those words which confirm that they’re part of the problem of America’s decline: “They can’t do that!”

Then they’ll go back to the sweet bliss that only ignorance provides.

At least for one more day.